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Types of Bookkeeping Services

There are many types of bookkeeping services for businesses to take advantage of. From those relating to customer collections to payroll processing to client billings, each service is of great importance. Some businesses may find themselves only needing certain types of bookkeeping services. An experienced bookkeeper can evaluate a business’s needs and follow up with a bookkeeping plan that would adequately meet the needs of a particular business.

Advantages of Outsourcing Bookkeeping Services

Some of the most advantageous benefits gained from outsourcing your bookkeeping services include:

Reduction in the amount of time that it takes to carry out tax preparation tasks

Better management of cash flow, which allows for better spending to take place

Improved recognisation of revenue and easier conversion of accounts receivable into cash

Concise and descriptive transaction details

Complete access to vendor records that are easy to understand

Complete access to credit card and bank account statements that are easy to understand

AgencyFees: Square The Account – Three Ways!

There are three primary ways in which we can attend to your bookkeeping needs, you just choose the method that suits you best:

Online accounts solution that you, STA and your Accountant can all access from any internet connection.

Bookkeeping services at your office.

Online accounts solution that you, STA and your Accountant can all access from any internet connection.

Online Accounts Solution

Our online accounts solution provides the greatest flexibility for your business. It allows you to log into the accounts at any time and process your customer invoices, receive customer payments and attend to any other accounting tasks you may need to do. We also provide the flexibility to reduce your data entry bookkeeping hours by doing many tasks yourself. We can review the transaction allocation and GST coding on a monthly or quarterly fixed fee basis.

For more hands-on services, Cloud Accounting software allows Square The Account to log in to your file securely in real time and process your transactions. We can also prepare your business activity statements. You have access to the Accounting Program from any device, anywhere at anytime. The software presents a concise snapshot of your business, highlighting any areas you want to keep a closer eye on. Automation, information and accessibility are the key attractions of Cloud-based Accounting Software.

Bookkeeping at Our Office

Off-site bookkeeping means that we complete the bookkeeping in our office, using our computer systems and other resources. Any paperwork we need can be picked up from your office, posted, delivered by courier, faxed or even scanned to us.

There are several advantages to off-site bookkeeping:

Complete access to credit card and bank account statements that are easy to understand

Accessibility – not limited to when the bookkeeper is in your office

No bookkeeper holidays or sick days

More cost effective and reliable than hiring staff

More space in your office

No on-going software upgrade costs

A contact point for creditors and debtors

Security of off–site data storage

Accounts are processed on the latest software for greater efficiency

Payroll will always be on-time and remain confidential

We can also manage an accounts specific email address for your business. This ensures that you will always have access to emails specific to your business, even if you bring bookkeeping in-house or change providers in the future.

We process your accounts and produce monthly reports including profit and loss and balance sheet reports for you to keep track your business operations. All your original paperwork can be sent back to you, or filed and kept in our offices. If you are on Cloud Accounting software, you will also have real time access to your Accounts file at any time.

Bookkeeping at Your Office

Our bookkeeper comes to your office (usually on a regular pre-arranged schedule) and processes all supplier bills, supplier payments, customer receipts and bank statements.

We can assist with setting up filing systems and accounts procedures within your office so that you can easily and quickly locate and access your documents and records.


Square The Account strive to consistently evolve and adapt to the bookkeeping needs of micro to small business. With the advent and rapid spread of Cloud Accounting software, we are noticing that many businesses are able to take advantage of more automated bookkeeping processes. As this is the case, and with many businesses choosing to do their daily record-keeping themselves, we have introduced two new, fixed-price services.

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